By:  Alan Gordon , Jeff Gordon, and Simon Gordon

The past six decades since HealthSearch Group was founded brought momentous changes to our world, our industry, and our company. In 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American astronaut to fly into space for 15 minutes and 22 seconds. Earlier this year, two U.S. billionaires flew into space separately on private space rockets, paving the potential new era of private space travel and tourism. Change is constant.

For the first half of our existence, our company was a general recruiting and staffing agency, operating under the watchful eyes of our founder, Henrietta Gordon. Among Henny’s many successful recruitments was persuading her two sons, Jeff and Alan, to leave their established careers and join her in the talent search business. (To read more about Henny’s legacy and the early company, click here.)

About halfway into our current history, we were approached by our first healthcare client. That first search was for a vital role that still endures today as one of the most important in the industry: a nurse!

Our success in that assignment set the stage for our transformation into a dedicated healthcare recruiting firm that became HealthSearch Group. Since then, along with the thousands of talented nurses we have placed among our clients, we have recruited high-performance people for diverse roles that did not exist at the time and that we did not imagine thirty years ago.

Recruiting is still primarily a "people business."

Healthcare technology has made giant strides in recent years, as has business information systems. Along with our clients and the world at large, we made the leap from a paper-laden business to being enabled by technology, databases, and algorithms. There’s no doubt that these tools improve record-keeping and efficiency, but we always want to retain sight of the fact that like the healthcare industry, recruiting is still primarily a “people business.”

Our service excellence requires strong relationships with our job candidates and clients. We must understand their needs and motivations. It also depends upon the caliber of our employees and service. We are fortunate to have some of the best employees in the recruiting business. We are pleased to showcase some reflections from a few of those team members:

When I first joined the HealthSearch Group nearly 15 years ago, I was new to recruiting. The company trained me in all aspects of healthcare recruiting and I discovered I love helping candidates find rewarding new positions in their field.  My very first placement, a Nurse Manager, is still at the hospital I placed her with.  It makes me feel good! ~ Joanne Brandt

I met Henny in 1997 when I joined HealthSearch Group. She was involved in every aspect of the business and was very serious around the office. She made it clear that when you worked, there was no time to fool around! As strict as she seemed on the outside, she also cared about you as an employee as well as a friend—you always felt as if you were included as a member of her family. Henny was a true inspiration, and she has a special place in my heart. ~ Jamie Rudin

I was lucky to have Henny as my mentor to teach me the recruiting business. She was a smart businesswoman who had a good way with people. She used simple but honest messaging. In the 36 years I’ve worked here, it’s been more like being with family than with coworkers. We’ve been together through thick and thin. ~ Bob Bowen

When I started working for the company, Henny had officially retired; however, she still came to the office every few weeks and would check in via phone every day to keep up with every facet of the business. She took the time to inquire about the searches I was working on, obstacles I was facing and shared some successful tips. It was evident that this savvy businesswoman still had her finger on the pulse of the business and her passion and ability to coach employees remained strong. She was a pioneering businesswoman and entrepreneur who built a legacy of integrity in the recruitment profession. Henny invested in the professional development of her own employees and infused them with the same passion and dedication to providing top-tier talent to her valued clients. She was a tremendous inspiration. ~ Carolyn Egan

Every working woman knows a woman who broke barriers and blazed a trail for others to follow, Henrietta Gordon was that woman for me. I was lucky enough to have a great woman leader who served as a role model and inspiration. The biggest lesson she has imparted to me was her work ethic, determination, and grit. Pioneers like my grandmother created their own path for success and paved the way for women like me who are following in their footsteps. She is deeply missed but her legacy continues to live on. ~ Leah Gordon

I am excited to celebrate and honor this milestone anniversary of HealthSearch Group. The company was founded and led by my grandmother, and thereafter led by my father and uncle. They continue to serve as role models of exceptional leadership and cultivating relationships. The company has thrived and grown thanks to the dedication and commitment of its many talented contributors. Recruitment is a people-driven business where relationships and integrity are keys to sustaining long term success. I am excited as we carry on the principles and values that have been the bedrocks of our success while building for our future. ~ Simon Gordon

Our service excellence requires strong relationships with our job candidates and clients.

In the past sixty years, we have experienced routine political, social, and economic pendulum swings, including nine recessions. There have been unimaginable challenges like 9/11 and the recent global pandemic, which profoundly affected people and professions, especially in healthcare.

Today we reflect and celebrate the company’s history and the legacy that brought us to this current milestone. We know that change is constant, but the values and vision that helped form and guide our company through the past sixty years will help direct us and navigate the future. We look forward to continuing our mission to advance people, transform organizations, and enrich healthcare.