By: Sherrie Dulworth
August, 2018

We live in a saturated sea of choices.


Studies show that too many choices can be overwhelming. We are often inefficient and ineffective in our decision-making not from a dearth of options but because of the overload. We suffer from “paralysis by analysis.”

This information glut, coupled with the average human attention span of about 8 seconds, can waylay our best efforts to make decisions, including those about new talent hires or make us exploring new career opportunities.

How can you stand out from the countless crowd?

Whether you are an employer who is trying to attract top talent to your organization or a job-seeker who is looking for a new job opportunity, how can you stand out from the countless crowd?
In a world of connections—electronic, virtual, and constant—the “old-fashioned” human connection is one that can make a difference in terms of meaningful.

Human Connections quality candidates recognize career advancement opportunities that they might otherwise never have considered.
...present employers with high-potential talent that screening software (using key word matches) will overlook.
...reduce wasted time and improve productivity.

Stop disappearing into a Sea of Choices...
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